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Two Social Media Influencers Claim they were Denied Entry to a Hollywood Club Because of their Weight

Two Social Media Influencers Claim they were Denied Entry to a Hollywood Club Because of their Weight

Two social media influencers claim they were denied entry to a Hollywood club due to their size.

The TikTok video, which was posted last week, has been viewed over 1.3 million times on social media.

Tens of thousands have responded to the story.

Ella Halikas, a sports illustrated curve model, claims that what was supposed to be a fun night celebrating a friend’s birthday at The Highlight Room in Hollywood with friend and fellow model Alexa Jay turned into a night of size discrimination.

“So the promoter starts letting in the whole group of girls, and right when it gets to me at the front, the bouncer puts the rope in front, looks me up and down and says ‘yeah, not tonight,’”” Jay said. 

Halikas claims she asked the doorman at the bar for an explanation but was also refused entry.

“He looked at me and said, ‘not tonight, next,'” Halikas explained.

Halikas claims that her response has sparked a movement.

“How powerful would it be if we flipped what they used against us and turned it on them?” “It’s now a movement, and people from all walks of life are coming forward who’ve been through this.”

Thousands of other people shared their stories in the comments section of Halikas and Jay’s video.

A representative for Tao Group Hospitality, which operates The Highlight Room, issued the following statement:

“The doorman on this particular evening worked for a third-party promotion company, and we’ve immediately removed this individual from the door.” We made several attempts to directly resolve the issue with Ella and Alexa, and even scheduled a meeting within days to address their experience, which they sadly cancelled.”

Halikas claims she was never contacted by the group, but she hopes her bad experience is the last.

“I really hope they make some significant changes here, not just in that club, but in clubs across the country,” Halikas said.

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