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Emma Watson: The Queen of Slow Fashion in Hollywood

Emma Watson: The Queen of Slow Fashion in Hollywood

When it comes to slow, sustainable fashion, Emma Watson has always been a trailblazer, whether she’s wearing vintage gowns or clothes fashioned from recycled water bottles. She has been incorporating sustainability into a sector known for its wastefulness, and she is living proof that eco-friendly clothing can be just as opulent as the newest Oscar de la Renta or Versace outfit.

During the press run for “Beauty and the Beast” (2017), the actress even launched an Instagram page where she promoted vintage and repurposed clothing as a way to reduce waste, Watson-style.

Watson’s eco-friendly fashion made a splash on the Met Gala red carpet in 2016. Watson’s gown was made from sustainable cotton, organic silk, and recycled water bottles in partnership with Eco-Age and Calvin Klein.

A ongoing list of Watson’s preferred sustainable brands has been maintained for many years. Stella McCartney, Catbird, Gabriel Hearst, and Simon Miller are a few of the high-end designers. Together, these brands create outfits fit for the red carpet with recycled plastics and little water and CO2 waste.

Watson has also been an outspoken advocate of Good On You, a well-known website that awards points to fashion labels based on their dedication to sustainability and openness.

According to Watson, “Fashion helps shape our identities.” Good On You “What we choose to wear expresses who we are and what we believe in. I support Good On You because I want to be sure that my clothing doesn’t affect the planet or its inhabitants.

“Good On You is my gold standard for sustainable fashion,” Watson continued. This implies that I will have a poignant tale to share when I am given the opportunity to speak about my choice of clothing. And it’s strong.

There are so many amazing individuals who conduct the research for sustainable fashion so you don’t have to, including celebrities like Emma Watson and organisations like Good On You. 

Knowing that there are reliable idols out there casts a more optimistic outlook on the future in today’s hurried environment when technology and fast fashion fads can catch us off guard.

Certainly, premium brands, styles, and designers will soon be held to a level of sustainability.

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