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Elon Musk, Who Now Owns Twitter, was Shocked when Will Smith’s son Jaden Approached him for Business Advice

Elon Musk, Who Now Owns Twitter, was Shocked when Will Smith’s son Jaden Approached him for Business Advice

Few people in the history of the human race have been able to achieve anything close to Elon Musk’s level of success. The billionaire who recently acquired twitter undoubtedly possesses business acumen that many people desire to emulate. Even Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith became intrigued by him due to his business skills.

Will Smith is a fantastic performer who has had a number of successful business enterprises over the years. However, Jaden made the decision to consult Elon rather than his father when he needed business guidance. But what guidance was Jaden seeking?

Before beginning a business, Jaden Smith hoped to learn from Elon Musk
Just look at Ryan Reynolds to see that celebrities entering the business world is nothing new. Jaden Smith, though, has to be among the youngest performers to have a great personal brand. JUST Water, which Jaden founded in 2015, has grown tremendously to become one of the most popular bottled water companies on the market.

However, Jaden sought guidance from Elon before entering the arena, shocking the latter. Musk described in an interview from 2019 how he was really taken aback by Jaden’s business proposal. “And after that, Jaden and Will said, “Okay.'” What is it, then? And they stated “only water,” literally. Elon questioned, “Are you serious?”

Just Goods, a company founded by Smith and Drew Fitzgerald, distributes water bottles mostly made of paper and biodegradable plastic. The company claims that its materials and manufacturing processes emit 74% fewer environmentally dangerous emissions than a typical plastic water bottle.

Elon and Jaden have both seen success in their respective businesses since the interview. Jaden’s business has a staggering net worth of 100 million as of March 2022. Elon has been the richest man in the world for more than a year, as everyone is aware.

Please share your thoughts on this unexpected meeting. Do you believe Jaden heeded Elon’s counsel? Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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