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Boy George Imprisoned Norwegian Model and Former Male Escort Audun Carlsen; Crime Described

Boy George Imprisoned Norwegian Model and Former Male Escort Audun Carlsen; Crime Described

Boy George’s high-profile involvement with ITV’s “The Last Kingdom” has been criticised by the man who was chained to a wall by the singer. It’s Me, I’m A Celebrity Take Me Away From Here!

George should not be on I’m A Celeb, much less be the show’s highest-paid celebrity, according to Audun Carlsen, who has stated that he is still traumatised by the incident.

Every time I see him, I still see the monster that he is, said Carlsen. ITV giving him that platform is hurtful. According to reports, George is this year’s highest-paid contestant, receiving a salary that ranges from £500,000 to £800,000.

But what specifically occurred in the incident that resulted in Boy George’s detention, and who is Audun Carlsen, exactly? Here is all the information you require.

What took place?
In 2009, after handcuffing Norwegian model and male escort Audun Carlsen to a wall and beating him with a metal chain, George was found guilty of assault and false imprisonment. Carlsen claimed to the jury that he could only escape after shattering the fixture.

During a conversation with The Mirror According to Carlsen, “He said he wanted to get milk. When I overheard him speaking, I believed it to be a neighbour. He then asked me to enter the bedroom, where I discovered him talking to another man.

“They kicked me, dragged me along the floor, jumped on me. He told the man to leave and handcuffed me to the wall, telling him to deal with me going forward. For twenty minutes, the man was there. For about 30 minutes, I was fastened to the wall. I was so terrified.

According to MailOnline, 28-year-old Carlsen was assaulted and threatened with a sex toy before leaving the apartment in his underwear and calling the police from a nearby newsagents at 6.30am.

“He would never have been given the platform if I were a woman,” he continued. It’s hurtful that he has that platform thanks to large organisations like ITV.

George admitted to handcuffing Carlsen to the wall while he searched for his property, but he denied the accusation and claimed that Carlsen had hacked his laptop and stolen pictures. George acknowledged that he was under the influence of cocaine and going through a psychotic break when the attack occurred. After the incident, he sought treatment, and he hasn’t used drugs since.

How did they first connect?
George received a 15-month prison term, but after four months of good behaviour, he was allowed to leave with an ankle monitor. He asked for permission to appear as a guest on Celebrity Big Brother’s final season while he was still in custody.

According to The Guardian, his judge denied the request, stating that an offender serving the non-custodial portion of an imprisonment sentence should not be permitted to participate in a high-profile, contentious television production that would promote his celebrity status and result in significant financial gain.

Carlsen and George, according to The Mirror, first met in January 2007 after the singer of the song “Karma Chameleon” contacted him via a dating website and inquired about booking him for a modelling gig for his clothing line.

They consumed alcohol and cocaine in George’s Shoreditch apartment. Carlsen’s allegations that George made unwanted sexual advances, however, turned the situation bad. Carlsen departed, but the two stayed in touch and made plans to get together once more three months later.

Audun Carlsen: who is he?
Carlsen, who is originally from the southern Norwegian city of Kristiansand and moved to London in 2004, was a model and male escort at the time of the infamous incident. He now has a job in hospitality.

Carlsen has been receiving therapy for PTSD for ten years. “Every time I see him, I feel it all over again,” he admitted to The Mirror. My back is permanently damaged. I experience slipped discs two or three times per year. Since then, I have not used dating sites.

George apologised in front of the public in 2017. I can always forgive, but it has to come from a truthful place, Carlsen says in expressing his desire for a personal apology.

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