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A Before-and-After Photo Depicts what Happened when a 42-year-old Male Model Underwent Testosterone Therapy in order to Gain Muscle and Energy

A Before-and-After Photo Depicts what Happened when a 42-year-old Male Model Underwent Testosterone Therapy in order to Gain Muscle and Energy

Weston Boucher, 42, a menswear designer and model, said testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT, has helped him regain energy, improve his mental health, and gain more than five pounds of muscle, but he believes he looked better before the treatment.

Despite the benefits of increased energy and mental health, Boucher previously told Insider that he wishes he had waited longer before trying TRT.

“I want guys to be cautious because it’s not a magic pill,” he explained in a follow-up interview.

As a result, there is more muscle mass and it is easier to keep it up. However, he has gained water weight and his overall physique does not match his previous peak, according to Boucher, who has extensively documented his TRT journey on his YouTube channel.

“Right now, I’m not really working out to build muscle; it just stays on,” he explained. “However, it hasn’t influenced my perception of what lean muscle looks like.”

Boucher, a long-time health-conscious athlete, claims that careful diet and exercise did more for his physique than hormones, and that the primary benefits were not related to his physical or mental well-being, but to his mental and physical well-being.

He stated that the process of adjusting to hormones, including addressing increased oestrogen levels, has been lengthy, difficult, and costly, and that anyone considering the treatment should be aware of the time commitment required.

TRT can help men with hormonal imbalances manage their symptoms
Many men may have obvious symptoms of low testosterone, but if their hormone levels were high to begin with, a decrease may not meet the current standard for low testosterone, urologist Dr. Ananias C. Diokno previously told Insider.

It’s a good idea to test early and know your testosterone levels by age 30 to see if a significant drop is causing problems, according to Diokno.

Boucher began TRT after experiencing common symptoms of low testosterone, such as loss of sex drive, brain fog, depression, and fatigue, as well as difficulty maintaining muscle and strength.

The most noticeable benefits were relief from his long-term depression, increased energy and sex drive, and improved gym performance.

Testosterone therapy does not replace a healthy diet and regular exercise
While hormone therapy can cause cosmetic changes, it is primarily used in conjunction with proper medical care to address overall health and well-being. Boucher cautioned men against using it solely to gain muscle and strength without first focusing on their lifestyle.

“Jumping to any synthetic before diet and exercise is a huge risk and, in my opinion, will result in regret,” he said. “Never underestimate the human body’s and biology’s power. When you give the body what it requires, it can figure out a lot.”

Boucher described his peak physique as being between the ages of 36 and 40, after years of careful workouts and strict, low-fat dieting to achieve a lean, muscular appearance. He has since prioritised his health.

“I knew it wasn’t sustainable or healthy,” he admitted. “Now I look at diet for overall wellness rather than a cover shoot.”

It takes time to adjust to hormone therapy, and side effects can include hair loss.
TRT can result in a number of complex changes in the body, including changes in the levels of other hormones. Boucher reported that it also increased his oestrogen levels, which is a common side effect.

To cope, he says he’s had to take additional supplements and watch his diet, in addition to adjusting his TRT treatment over time.

Hair loss and shrinking testicles have also been reported as side effects.

“It doesn’t matter if you have really healthy test levels until your hormone levels are balanced,” he said. “You should be aware that you are taking a long list of medications to combat side effects. People must recognise that level of dedication.”

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